"Bobbilies"-A successful expiriment

Bobbilies specializes in exotic jewelry made from Zambian and neighboring African mined semi-precious stones, gold and silver. What started in 2001 as a hobby, soon turned into a passion and a successful business venture. In the process, we discovered the importance of Service, Accountability and a Sense of ownership. Motivated by the lack of affordable jewelry to the local Zambians, we came up with an impressive price range. 

The Gemstones used are sourced from small scale miners from all over Zambia and Africa, so that each piece of jewelry is a memoir and souvenir of Africa’s rich mineral heritage.

We developed a Jewelry business model, based on smaller margin of profit with higher turnover. To site an example, we rationalized the price structure of Tanzanite based on this principal in 2013. As a result, our competitors had to slash their prices down and today Zambian market has become one of the highly competitive consumer markets for Tanzanite, thanks to Bobbilies business model. Similarly, we are producing the widest range of wedding rings for the Zambian market, at incredibly affordable price. Consequentially, we have had a phenomenal success.

Currently operational in the capital city Lusaka, the tourist capital Livingstone and the industrial center of Zambia, Kitwe.

As part of our African expansion program, we have successfully established a retail Jewelry center in Maputo, Mozambique and currently exploring South Africa and Ethiopia  


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